What makes male skin different from female? and what products should we use?

Skin is the largest and most delicate organ of your body and often goes through a lot. It endures germs, pollution, dust, and even chemicals. The skin of men and women is different and requires a different skincare routine. Dermatologists and skincare experts say that the skin of men is rough & tougher than women. There is a deeper layer in the skin called the dermis, and men’s dermis is 20 percent thicker than women’s.

The pores of men produce sebum in larger quantities as compared to women and thus, the skin of men is oily than women. Men tend to have oiler glands than women those results in clogged pores and acne. Although exfoliation is good for men it makes their skin sensitive and prone to irritation.

How men can prevent oily skin and what products should they use?

The glands of men tend to have more sebaceous glands. The glands protect the men’s skin with natural lubrication called sebum. Good and normal hormones contain a hormone called dihydrotestosterone in their body which is the basic building block of a man. This causes the overproduction of sebum, leaving their skin greasy and oily.

It is better to use skincare products that contain na