What are the Best Sheet Masks for Your Skin Types

Updated: Apr 7

All About Sheet Masks: Types of Sheet Masks, What They Are, how to Use Them and More.

How Many Types of Sheet Masks Are There?

1. Bio-Cellulose Facial Sheet Mask:

Bio-Cellulose Facial Sheet Mask is Soft and moisturizing. It is soft and lightweight and enables the skin to breathe. With its special features & structure, it gives facial skin a firm massage in each use.

These sheet masks are made from all-natural fiber and good bacteria. Compared to other Facial Sheet masks, bio-cellulose is best! It's made from premium quality ingredients. It can attach to very small part of your face skin.

2. Snow Facial Sheet Mask:

Snow Facial Sheet Mask is good for the skin. It’s a very special snow patterned face sheet mask with biodegradable cellulose fiber with a very good skin feel and high absorbency with improves the ability of serum delivery to the skin. It has good transparency.