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Bio Cellulose Under Eye Patches: What Are They and Do They Work?

Whether you've burned the midnight oil at work, indulged in a Netflix marathon past your bedtime, or fallen into the abyss of a late-night TikTok spree—we understand. There are nights when achieving a full eight hours of sleep feels impossible, and unfortunately, your morning appearance betrays you with swollen, puffy, and dark under-eye circles. However, when you find yourself in need of a quick revitalization, there's a single skincare product that reigns supreme: MasKing Bio Cellulose Under Eye Patches, also known as Biocellulose Under-Eye Masks. These small wonders possess the power to combat arrange of issues, including dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Believe us when we say they can revive weary eyes faster than your blaring alarm clock ever could.

So, How exactly MasKing Bio Cellulose Under Eye Patches work?

The MasKing Bio Cellulose Under Eye Patch is crafted entirely from 100% naturally fermented coconut water jelly, which provides natural collagen-boosting properties. The fibers in the patch are extremely fine, being 500 times finer than tissue fibers. As a result, the patch quickly seals moisture under your eyes, allowing the serum to penetrate deeply. Moreover, this coconut-based patch instantly provides a cooling sensation, helping to release fluid buildup, drain toxins and cause a tightening effect.

Infused with Caffeine and Green Tea:

Caffeine is a stimulant that has antioxidant properties which protects the delicate skin around the eyes and helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory property which provides a soothing effect improving the appearance of dark circles.

Benefits of MasKing Bio Cellulose Under Eye Patches

Hydration – Biocellulose patches are highly absorbent and can hold a significant amount of moisture, helping to replenish the skin hydration levels.

Cooling and Soothing – The patches have a cooling effect when applied to the skin. The cooling sensation can help soothe and reduce the puffiness, providing relief to tired eyes.

Brightening and Firming – Ingredients like Niacinamide, caffeine and green tea, helps reduce skin tone, reduce dark circles and promote a more revitalized appearance.

Improved Appearance - They can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet, giving the skin a smoother and more youthful look.

Enhanced Product Absorption - Biocellulose patches adhere closely to the skin, creating a barrier that helps improve the absorption of skincare products. The serum helps enhance the delivery and effectiveness of the active ingredients, maximizing the benefits of your skincare routine.

Tips for Using Bio Cellulose Under Eye Patches Effectively

1. Start by cleansing your face and removing any makeup or impurities.

2. Open the packaging of the MasKing Bio Cellulose Under Eye Patches. Remove the upper protective carrier and bottom protective carrier carefully. Be cautious not to tear or damage the biocellulose patch during the process.

3. Place one patch under each eye, aligning them with the contour of your lower eye area. The wider part of the patch should be positioned towards the outer corner of your eye.

4. Once the patches are positioned, use your fingertips to smooth them out and ensure proper adhesion to your skin. Take care to avoid getting the patches too close to your lash line.

5. After 15 minutes gently peel off the patches starting from outer corner and working towards inner corner of your eye. Dispose of the used patches.

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